NAW 3D is the first stable and mature product in the realm of small desktop pellet 3D printers. It supports a wide range of pellet materials, comes with various print head models, significantly improving print quality compared to previous products. It boasts features like automatic pellet feeding, color dye printing, multi-color printing, and printing with thicker lines. With our developed extruder, you can even transform your filament 3D printer into a pellet 3D printer!

Patent Double-Layer Gantry Structure

Creative dual gantry structure for NAW 3D. We built a super strong and durable frame for the printer, using X/Y/Z axis full linear slide guide motion design. So, compared to those other pellet 3D printers that just tweak the structure of regular filament ones, NAW 3D is more robust, wear-resistant, and can handle the heavy weight of pellet print heads. You can get a printing experience that's not only long-lasting but also super stable.

Multiple Extrusion Heads, Fast Material Switching

The printing performance of a 3D printer is reflected in its ability to support various types of printing materials. In the past, the single print head limited your creativity. NAW 3D breaks free from this constraint by supporting innovative designs that allow multiple extrusion print heads for a printing. On the other hand, NAW 3D demonstrates superior overall printing capabilities by maintaining stable and prolonged printing.

  • W200 Extrusion Head For Beginner: Compatible with 5+ materials like ABS, TPU, TPV, PLA+CF, ABS+GF, etc.)
  • W200PLUS Extrusion Head (Standard Version): Compatible with 10+ materials including ABS, TPU, TPV, PLA+CF, ABS+GF, PETG, GPPS, PC, PP, PE),
  • Various Specialized Extrusion Heads: Designed for specific materials.

Customize Material Colors

You can freely add color to a 3D print by mixing color powder with a light-colored base material. No need to prepare materials in different colors, which saves space and allows for more creative and flexible dyeing during 3D printing.

Random Color Mixing

Due to the internal mixing action within its screw, you can print vibrant and ever-changing fantasy samples.

We Are More Than a Competition!


About Us

NAW 3D primarily focus on the research, production, and sale of 3D printers, their accessories, and consumables. Our latest line-up includes compact desktop-level plastic pellet 3D printing devices and their consumables.

Key products of our brand comprise the N300 Desktop Pellet 3D Printer and the W200 Pellet Extrusion Print Head. These offerings are designed to deliver more advanced and versatile printing solutions, allowing users to easily materialize their creative ideas. Through crowdfunding, we aim to introduce high-quality, high-performance equipment and accessories to customers, fostering innovation in the 3D printing industry. Our commitment is to offer customers a broader, more forward-thinking printing experience, initiating a new era in 3D printing technology